Easter eggs in Gnu Radio?

Ok, so this is going to sound really weird, but please bear with me.

For the last several evenings, at exactly the same time, my radio
astronomy receiver has been receiving a series of square waves,
of amplitude about 100Jy (large by radio astronomy standards, tiny by
anybody else’ measure of such things). These are
near-perfect 50% duty-cycle square waves of period approximately 166
seconds, with an initial lead-in of a few minutes,
then a series of, ahem, 1s and 0s, then trailing off to nothing.

While it’s far-fetched that someone would put an easter-egg in that
would only be obvious to my application, it’s not
inconceivable. So?

Obviously, there are lots of other explanations, like a strange radar
that I haven’t seen before, some kind of bad-ass
ionospheric sounder that makes my local ionosphere slightly opaque to
21cm radiation in a square-wave
pattern. Or one of a number of other types of weird RFI sources. I
found nothing in the spectral display,
so whatever it is seems to be either broadband in nature, or
narrowband, and driving my LNA into
slight compression in a square-wave like pattern, but outside of my
receiver passband.

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