Easier way to get started

When I look on the JRuby website at the instructions for installing
JRuby it seems to me that a big opportunity is being missed to take
advantage of the capabilities of the JVM by presenting JRuby as a single
simple-to-install package with examples and by showing that most JRuby
apps can be ported unchanged to other operating systems.

To demonstrate what I have in mind I have put together a Zip file that
contains a complete JRuby implementation and a few example programs to
help a beginner get started.


Assuming the JVM is already installed the Zip file installs and the
examples work on Ubuntu and Windows7. I don’t have a Mac for testing.

To get started all a user has to do is extract the Zip file to a
suitable directory, double click the shell script or batch file to open
a terminal and run the examples. There is no need to use RVM or Bundler.
All of the gems for a project are stored in GemHome for that project. To
create more JRuby projects all the user has to do is extract the zip
file to a a new directory for the each project. Each project will be
fully self-contained. The examples can be deleted or just ignored.

To distribute her/his JRuby app to someone else the user just has to
copy the entire project to another PC that has the JVM on it. There are
no external dependencies apart from the JVM.

I fully understand that people who are already established JRuby users
may not have any use for this and the other versions of JRuby should
still be there for those who prefer them.

But I believe my approach will make JRuby very attractive to many
newcomers. And it demonstrates very clearly the strong advantages of
JRuby over MRI Ruby. As well as being easier to get started than MRI
Ruby I think it will also be easier than Python.


Hi Robin,
thanks, I can confirm this basically works on Mac, with following small

a. Need to do chmod +x JRUBY
b. The following warning is displayed:

20:16:18/JRubyIntro:79 $ JRUBY ./Examples/GUIdemo.rb
Feb 1 20:16:23 mellyrn.local java[22260] : The function
`CGContextErase’ is obsolete and will be removed in an upcoming update.
Unfortunately, this application, or a library it uses, is using this
obsolete function, and is thereby contributing to an overall degradation
system performance.

But the GUI *does *show up.

2014-02-01 Robin McKay [email protected]:

Thanks for trying that Stephen. Much appreciated.

You have also proved for me that the Zip file can be accessed.

I know very little about Java but a quick Google of “java
cgcontexterase” seems to suggest that this is a Java/Mac issue and may
already have been dealt with in an update of Java.



I fully agree with you that there is a need to present a simple way for
people to at least try out JRuby and other jvm target
languages…shameless plug, try our product (crudzilla.com)…it is a
zero-install setup with JRuby included and fully functional.

Here is also a video showing JRuby (JPython and others as well) coding
the tool: Intro to Scripting in CWAB - YouTube