Early Late Prompt Correlation and Costas Loop implementation


Hi Johnathan and other friends,

I want to use an E/P/L Correlation (for Code synchronization) and Costas
loop (for carrier phase sync) for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
based on this. http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/826/dsssrxr.jpg I have a
doubt that needs to be cleared as I spent a lot of time trying to figure
out without any luck.
I need a carrier signal to strip the carrier signal from the received
signal so as to get the Spreading sequence. I use the phase corrected
spreading sequence to obtain the continuous wave signal and use costas
to get the phase corrected Carrier Signal.

As in Gnuradio there is no such thing as a carrier as the signal is in
baseband what will the output of costas loop be so as to use it to get
Spreading sequence.
I am sorry my concepts are not very strong but I am learning and such
unresolved questions make this learning all the more difficult. Can you
please tell me where I am wrong and what could be done.

Thank you for taking time to answer to my question.