Early-bird rate for Compleat Rubyist training, Chicago, June 18-19

Hi all –

The early-bird rate is in effect all this month for The Compleat
Rubyist, being held in the Chicago area in June. You can also save if
you sign up as a group of five or more – which can be from one
company, a user group, etc.

The Compleat Rubyist is a two-day Ruby training event for Rubyists who
are looking to take their knowledge and skill to the next level. Your
instructors are well-known Ruby practitioner/authors Gregory B.
(“Ruby Best Practices”), Jeremy McAnally (“Ruby In Practice”), and me
(“The Well-Grounded Rubyist”). We’ll explore four Ruby topics over two
days: metaprogramming, testing, Ruby versions and implementations, and
our own special concoction, “Best practices in style and substance”.

Our first event was in Tampa earlier this year, and was a great
success. One participant wrote: “I feel like my fundamental knowledge
of how Ruby really works has at least tripled, if not more, in only
two days.”

For full information, see http://compleatrubyist.com. There’s contact
info there in case you have any questions, or you can contact me

You can also follow @compleatrubyist on Twitter.

See you there!

David, for the Compleat Rubyist team