'each' loop 2 times trough all records


I’m having some troubles today with Ruby…

I do
@league = League.find(params[:id], :include => [ :teams, :games ])

@league.teams.each do |t|

and it goes 2 times through the teams list ??? even if
@league.teams.size = 2.

Does anyone have a clue where it can come from??

Thank you for you help,


Sure there should be something about it because there’s 2 teams per
But Teams belongs to League and Games belongs to 2 Teams. But since
there a direct link between Team and League I didn’t expect the Games to
affect the Team list (I would have expected it the other way around with
2 times each games).

See below my models:

class League < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :teams
has_many :games, :through => :teams

class Team < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :club
belongs_to :league
has_many :games, :foreign_key => ‘team_a_id’
has_many :games, :foreign_key => ‘team_b_id’

class Game < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :team_a, :class_name => ‘Team’, :foreign_key=>‘team_a_id’
belongs_to :team_b, :class_name => ‘Team’, :foreign_key=>‘team_b_id’

Could the inclusion of the games records be multiplying the number of
teams that get returned maybe? Any difference if you take :games out of
that :include array there?

Huh–interesting, those two has_many :games calls in your Team class
there. Does that result in a single @my_team.games collection property
that gives the complete list of games, whether they were team_a or
team_b? My intuition is that the second call would sort of overwrite
the first & you wouldn’t see the games from the team_a_id link.

I tried to test this design out (I’m using rails 2.0.2) and that seems
to be what happens. Only one of the two teams I added to a game had
anything in its .games collection.

I’d be tempted to do something like this instead:

class Team < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :club
belongs_to :league
has_many :a_games, :class_name => ‘game’, :foreign_key =>
has_many :b_games, :class_name => ‘game’, :foreign_key =>

def games
# mash the two games collections together manually.
a_games + b_games


Not that any of this addresses your problem, necessarily…


Wow! Thank you for the help.

I came to the same conclusions as you that just the B team games

I didn’t know I do this “def games” definition … I was looking for
that 3 months ago! Thank you.

I used the .uniq function to clean multiple occurence of teams and

There probably is a better way to write the code below:
@games = []
listForTeams = @league.teams.uniq.dup
listForTeams.each do |t|

I I has to change part of my code to deal with team.games as a function
and not an association.
For example, a replaced:

h[:gameplayed] = @games.find(:all, :conditions => [“team_a_id = (?) OR
team_b_id = (?)”, t.id, t.id]).size()


gamesplayed = @games.select { |v| v.team_a_id == t.id || v.team_b_id ==
t.id }
h[:gamesplayed] = gamesplayed.size()

it works fine, I hope I’ll have no problem going to an Ajax table with
those data.

Thanks again for your time.


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