Hello all!

I received my ezcap dongles a while ago, and just found time to get
things configured
and installed. It works… but I get a load of I2C problems. I read
about these problems
being solved in the new e4k driver. I can’t seem to find that driver
though. Help!

I installed a package called ‘balint256-gr-baz-90a0e11’, and after a
fight got it to
work (see PS). I have Gnuradio 3.6.1 compiled, and I can receive WBFM
and some other
signals. Frequently, I get a status message about I2C problems, and the
only way I
found to solve them is unplugging the dongle.

Can anyone indicate what to do?

PS: When I installed the package, gnuradio complained about not finding
module ‘baz’.
After a while, I found that it got installed in
even though the distro uses /usr/local/lib64 as base for python 2.7. As
…/lib is not in the path and baz wasn’t found. Simply moving the
directory to the correct lib64 solved that problem.

On Fri, 26 Oct 2012 23:05:28 -0400
“Marcus D. Leech” [email protected] wrote:

I don’t think Baz’ support for RTL dongles has been maintained in quite
some time. It was based on the early osmo stuff anyway.

Great - it works. I compiled the osmo package (had to move it manually
again, as cmake doesn’t respect the lib64 directories), but it works
fine, and quite stable now. I was somewhat surprised:

  • that in the single I2C mishap I had, there still was no recovery
    except reinsert the dongle.
  • though several reference indicate that e4k has to be selected in the
    properties dialog, it doesn’t appear here. just the normal e4000,
    is magically stable now.