Dynamically adding rows in rails application

Hello all.

I am pretty new to ruby on rails, so please bare with me. I have been
reading Agile Web D. with Rails and have now decided to
attempt to create my own application to help me learn rails a bit

I have a form for user information (name, address, etc.). A user can
have many courses associated with them. The problem is that all of
the data needs to be inserted as a transaction at once, and the number
of courses can vary. I have a form that points to create for the user
data, but within that form, I need to be able to add a new course line
to their form. I’d like to get this working without AJAX first to
make sure I can understand it, but whenever I do a post, it goes to
create instead of to my ‘add_course’. When I create a posted link_to,
it does not pass the data through for reposting.

My question is: how can I have a link within a form tag pass the post
data along to a new function, and then show this data back on the form
after adding another course?

Thank you so much,


This is actually a pure ruby list. You will have far better luck with
question and future Rails related questions here:


I do a little bit with rails. I’m not too sure I follow your question
the values from your form fields are always sent on in the params hash.
list all your options you would need a select_tag with the values from
table, i.e. Course.find(:all).collect {|course| [course.name, course.id]

Although you will definitely get the help you seek from the rails list.

On 5/15/07, [email protected] [email protected] wrote:

the data needs to be inserted as a transaction at once, and the number

Thank you so much,

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