Dynamically add javascript tag to a view

Hi everybody,

I would like to add javascript tags dynamically to my view. So I used
the following code :

@events.each do |e|

      %(javascript_tag 'new



However it seems the code is not being added to my DOM.

How can I correctly code this ?

Thanks in advance.


What’s wrong with doing this:


On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 11:00 PM, joel [email protected] wrote:

Ryan B.
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Yes of course :wink: !

Thank you very much…


joel wrote:

%() declares a string literal, so nothing happens to your
javascript_tag. And
.each won’t return your string - even the correct one.

Try this eRB:

@events.map do |e|
javascript_tag “new

That still has its own style issues, including it will push several

tags in, not just one efficient one. You could also try this: <%= javascript_tag @events.map{|e| "new Popup('event_popup_#{e.id}','event_link_#{e.id}');" }.join %> So that puts the tag on the outside, and the "unrolled loop" on the inside. -- Phlip

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