Dynamic session domain using Rack

Rails: 2.3.3

Overview: I want to enable cross domain session support. Eventually,
I’ll have several domains for users to choose from, i.e.
user.domain1.com or user.domain2.com. I’ve borrowed from the code below,
but it doesn’t seem to be working.

In middleware:

class SetCookieDomain

def initialize(app, default_domain)
@app = app
@default_domain = default_domain

def call(env)
host = env[“HTTP_HOST”].split(’:’).first
env[“rack.session.options”][:domain] = custom_domain?(host) ?
“.#{host}” : “#{@default_domain}”

def custom_domain?(host)
domain = @default_domain.sub(/^./, ‘’)
host !~ Regexp.new("#{domain}$", Regexp::IGNORECASE)

In environment.rb:

config.load_paths += %W(#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/middlewares)

In development.rb:

config.middleware.use “SetCookieDomain”, “.mydomain.com”

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