Dynamic Select Menus

I watched the railscast episode 88:

Only problem is that it uses a State and Country model that are not
Can anyone help me with this? I mean, how am I supposed to do this,
i manually populate the database at the console?

Also, is there a way to do this without saving states and countries to
database (just to save some space)?

And further more, is there a way to do this without javascript? (for
example, with observer_field like in
problem is I think observer_field no longer exists for rails 3).

Thank you,

Hey Rodrigo,

Have you looked inside db/seeds.rb? That file demonstrates seeding a
City model. Other things you can do, depending on what you need the
data to look like are simple things like:

states = %w[Alabama Alaska Arkansas]

I also think Ryan did a railscast on models that don’t exist in the
database, in case you need more model-like behavior than an array of
strings would give you.

Good luck!