Dynamic Proxy Passing


I have a situation where a server needs to proxy to a variable backend
depending on the URI.

I use x-accel-redirect to a URI like /files/serverX/fileY;

I then need my server to proxy_pass to serverX.domain.com/fileY; and
return this data to the user.

There will be multiple servers with this so something where I need to
update the configuration when I add a new serverX would be somewhat

Question is, what’s the best way to go about this?

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This is just conceptual but you could try (if the ‘serverX’ is like a
for a subdomain):

location ~ /files/(.)/(.) {
proxy_pass http://$1.domain.com/$2;

This way you just need also to define a resolver (
Module ngx_http_core_module ) if your hosts are
defined in upstream{} block or IPs.


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Yes. this was the conclusion I came to as well after talking it over in
the IRC channel. Using IPs is probably the ideal here.

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