Dynamic parameters in link_to

Don’t know how to use a link_to directive where one of the parameters is
taken form a form field (client side), eg:

The field “numrows” is used to dynamically change the number of rows

per page

in a pager (ok, let apart will_paginate and other paginate plugins)

#Rows per Page :
<%= text_field_tag “numrows”, session[:nr] || Customer.per_page, :size
=> 5 %>
<%= link_to ‘Change #Rows per Page’, {:action => ‘set_row_per_page’,
:rowsperpage => <would like to pass here the content of “numrows”
field>, :method => :post, :class => “IsALink” %>

Note that “numrows” is a non-model field of the form.

How can i dynamically set the value of “:rowsperpage” so that clicking
on the link will restart pagination with a differente number of rows
per page. I need to know how to dynamically set up the value of the
parameter using something link $(‘numrows’).value

Any help appreciated.

You will need to use client side javascript to construct the value
you want to pass. You need to use link_to_function to make the link
call javascript, compute the URL including parameters, then either
fetch or redirect to that URL.