Dynamic models

Anyone know of a plugin that lets you create dynamic models? eg an app
with multiple projects and each project manager can add their own
fields to the project profile

Having made a hideous extension for ActiveRecord called
DynamicActiveRecord for project a while back, I can say with
confidence that you are better off creating a system with seperate
models: Project, Field, Option etc.

This creates a far more manageable application and will help you to
avoid any 12 hour straight core application re-writes when the
client’s system collapses under the weight of all that magic…

Having said that, perhaps some more intelligent developers have
achieved this in a nice way. However, I would still argue that simple
and neat is the best way to go.


I can see how a “DynamicActiveRecord” extension could get hairy and
overcomplicated. I’d be happy with just some kind of plugin to manage
a separate dynamic model like you indicated that lets me extend a AR
model with a handful of extra fields.