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HI there, these days i reinstall my windows and … i found hot water,
vagrant. I very like it those stuff, i installed ubuntu, with nginx,
php5-fpm and many other stuff, but still missing basic configuration.
In my project directory, i have many projects - symfony2, wordpress, my
framework, facebook app and simple test files. In my nginx
those not work actually, becouse (i think) a root directory.
I wanna every project can open in a separate sub directory (ex:
/localhost/projects/wordpress1, or
/localhost/development/symfony2/web/). Is
it possible with nginx :S
Can u give me some example configuration like those

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IMHO, it’s too much to explain in a few lines.
Did you read Beginner’s Guide ? Then you
want to read about rewrite module, fcgi and php, and configure your
application to output correct link or use subs module. If you know how
use hosts file, use it with nginx virtual site will be a good idea for

If all you need is a working environment, asking a friend who knows
to spend an hour for you will be much easier. Sorry I can’t just “write

Thanks for reply @ryd994. I’ve read the documentation and still read,
did not find a way :slight_smile:
Nevermind, I decided every project have own server block, for better
That’s also nice, but now i have little problem with move some old
with very large htaccess :frowning:
Thanks again!

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