Dynamic ActiveRecord Associations

I’m trying to make some dynamic AR associations.

The clearest way I can think of to give an idea of what I’m looking to
is in a simple bit of code . ( with some schema-changing pseudo code )

add column “some_class_id” to table “other_class”

SomeClass.has_many( :other_class )
OtherClass.belongs_to( :some_class )

drop column “some_class_id” from table “other_class”

SomeClass.no_longer_has_many( :other_class )
OtherClass.no_longer_belong_to( :some_class )

Some solutions I’m thinking of now:

  1. doing some sort of object serialization to sequester the changes
    made to the class and then using that cache to rip them out later
  2. just re-creating the class without the association I’ve removed.

Just looking for some feedback/ideas or even a simple solution if it
exists before I dig into this.

Thank you,
Collin T Miller