Dwarf Name Generator (#216)


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Dwarf Name Generator (#216)

Yo yo yiggity yo Rubyists,

This week’s quiz is to create a dwarf name generator.

Some dwarf names to use as inspiration for your generator:
Dáin II Ironfoot1

Have Fun!

Again no solutions… Here’s a pretty cool dwarf name generator to
tide you over until you have regained your Ruby skills: Dwarf name

Bat Goldslasher
Brid Ettinfighter
Eedi Demonender
Eoge Grimsmiter
Fihor Ghoulsmasher
Gefci Honorsmith
Hkot Macesmith
Hogro Minegauntlet
Iide Glaiveender
Kadsir Gravelbattler
Khogh Redslayer
Latih Hillfighter
Ribno Firetracker
Rlodh Marblecrystal
Rohed Tunnelslayer
Rolge Deepbolt
Rugar Silvertunneler
Tahub Demonkiller
Tore Edgesmasher
Viraka Doombullion

The site also includes many other interesting generators. My current
favorite from the what if generator2: What if Beethoven were an