(DVB-T2) Question for people whith wideband SDR

Hi, i work on software T2 decoder. Now decoder can detect and demodulate
P1 symbol, and estimate sample rate and carrier offset mostly correctly
on gaussian noise channel. (P1 Detection impemented like in “DVB-T2
Implementation Guide”, robust estemation goes by correlation beetween
two FFT1K parts of P1, (sliced part shifted by 1 sample before
correlation whith middle FFT1K part, then S1, S2 indicators detected
wihth frequency loop, by minimal hamming distance, beetween received
data, and known patterns, after S1 S2 decoded, fine offset estimation
performed by comparing phase offsets beetween 2 carriers of recieved,
and generated P1 parts). Guard interval detection already works too. I
stoped after L1PRE demodulation, my decoder use only BCH, bypassing LDPC
step, (cause LDPC/BCH coding in T2 is systematic) It works normaly with
syntezited DVB-T2 signals. But not with real world signals. I have a DIY
SDR receiver whith quite poor SNR (but it can receive DVB-T 16QAM 3/2
8Mhz from test generator with antennas - in our air is only T2). I try
to capture T2 signal from air, but decoder show only S1 S2 (0 10 in my
area), but offset estemated incorrectly.

So can anyboby share DVB-T2 samples (1 sec is enough) ??

Thanks !.

Hello Victor,

You can find here all you need…I hope.

Good luck !