Duplex daughter

Hi all,

I plan to implement duplex with USRP n210.
I have a question whether the SBX daughterboard support duplex on the
Like transmit at 2.4GHz and at the same time receive at 2.4GHz.
Thanks a lot.

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Dong W.

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On 07/26/2013 03:42 PM, Dong W. wrote:

Best regards!

Dong W.

I think you just need to learn more about Gnu Radio, GRC, and perhaps
software-development methodologies in general.

If you describe in more detail what it is you’re trying to do, there are
others on this list who may have gone down that road before, or will
recognize similarities.

But I’ll say this again, without meaning any offence to anyone. SDR/DSP
very often is a deeply-technical thing. Without sufficient knowledge
in a number of disciplines, including RF and analog system design,
digital-signal processing, real-time software development, operating
concepts and systems engineering, and software development
methodologies in general, progress on any particular project is likely
to be slow
and sometimes painful.

GRC/Gnu Radio are great tools, as are other, similar, tools, like
SimuLink and so on. But success isn’t just about the tools, it’s about
the experience of the
person wielding the tools. The discuss-gnuradio mailing list is a
diverse place, but it cannot be a substitute for education/experience in
some of
the disciplines that aren’t really directly related to host-based
digital signal processing, but are absolutely necessary to be

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