Dup translations right after lookup?


I’ve just committed a change that has been proposed to me a while ago:


Based on

(Ummm, I should probably keep the author credits)

The test suite passes, but I though I should double check with everybody
on the list. Any objections? Am I missing something or is this a


translation = I18n.t(“this.is.the.key”) # => “translated "
translation << " found”
translation = I18n.t(“this.is.the.key”) # => “translated found”


Ok, amended the commit so that I keep the author credits:


Is there anything in rails routes that allow to alias rails action
resource names, such as the doc suggested, e.g.:

config.action_controller.resources_path_names = {:new => ‘neu’, :edit
=> ‘bearbeiten’, :complete => ‘fertig’}

BTW, the above only works for :new action, not for
any :members, :collections, etc. !

The custom resource name plugin used to work real well getting around
that issue, in http://github.com/carlosbrando/custom_resource_name,
however, no longer supports >2.3.4

map.aliases :actions, :edit => ‘bearbeiten’

Does anyone have a solution for that?


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