DRY, repeating partials

It’s in HAML, which I hope is readable by most people here… It’s
concise though, which is nice.

So here’s what I have in my beautiful first partial. Explanation of this
obviously poor code and logic is after the code.

= render :partial => ‘reports/lists’, :locals => {:type => :cr,
:reports => reports.find_all { |i| i.modality == “CR” } }

= render :partial => ‘reports/lists’, :locals => {:type => :non_cr,
:reports => reports.find_all { |i| ![‘MG’, ‘CR’].include? i.modality } }

= render :partial => ‘reports/lists’, :locals => {:type => :mg,
:reports => reports.find_all { |i| i.modality == “MG” } }

And here is the beautiful second partial : ‘reports/lists’

.hideextra { white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden; }

- if type == :cr
- elsif type == :mg
- else
= reports.size

%th Name
%th Date
%th Age
%th Procedure
- reports.each do |report|
%tr{ :class => cycle(“even”, “odd”) }
%div{ :style=>“width:215px”}= “#{report.last},
%div{ :style=>“width:80px”}= report.date
- if !report.old?
%div{ :style=>“width:55px”}= report.age
- else
%div{:style=>“width:55px”}= report.age
%td= report.proc

The first partial is called by the controller action, and in turn, it
splits the data a little more. There’s clearly some logic in there which
needs to be whisked away to some other location.
I am wondering if I should store the split into a hash, in a kind of
‘settings’ table, and then recall that.
Can I loop over a partial and call it over and over, with slightly
varying data sent to it (like the symbol, in here)… And if so, how do I
handle the fact that I want to display slightly different data in each
partial depending on what I’m displaying?

I am open to complete renovation, all the way straight down to the
fundamentals, so if I need to break the logic down completely and
rebuild it, I’m cool with that. I just know my way of thinking does not
scale, and I’m wondering how seasoned pros would do it.

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