Dropdown selected value not reflecting in edit view


I am facing the following issue:

I have the following dropdown, in the new view
select_tag “experience[]”, options_for_select([[less_than_1_year,
[0,1]],[between_1_and_3_years, [1,3]],[between_3_and_5_years,
[3,5]],[between_5_and_7_years,[5,7]], [between_7_and_10_years,[7,10]],

The selected value of the user is not getting reflected in the Edit view
of the entry.
I am using the Form_partial.

Edit View:
<% form_for(@defaultrate) do |f| %>
<%= render :partial =>“form”, :locals => { :f => f, :button =>
“Update” } %>
<% end %>

New view:
<% form_for(@defaultrate) do |f| %>
<%= render :partial =>“form”, :locals => { :f => f, :button =>
“Create” } %>
<% end %>

Please let me know what changes has to be made in controller and view to
reflect the selected value during Edit.

You must tell options_for_select which one has to be marked selected
That’s the 2nd parameter.

options_for_select(container, selected = nil)

for example:
options_for_select([ “VISA”, “MasterCard” ], “MasterCard”)

would set MasterCard as selected.

So you just store the returned params[:experience]
somewhere and use that value when redisplaying the select