Drop deprecated packages support


We will drop deprecated packages support. “Deprecated
packages” means that “it will be deprecated at GNOME3”
and/or “we doesn’t have maintainer of it”. Because we
doesn’t have enough resources to maintain deprecated

Here are package list. “x” means that “it’s a deprecated
package” and “o” means that “it’s not a deprecated
packages”. The list is created by Masaaki A… (Thanks!)

atk o
bonobo x
bonoboui x
gconf x (GSettings in GIO)
gdk_pixbuf2 o
gio2 o
glib2 o
gnome x
gnomecanvas x
gnomeprint x
gnomeprintui x
gnomevfs x
goocanvas o
gstreamer o
gtk2 o
gtkglext o
gtkhtml2 x
gtkmozembed o
gtksourceview x
gtksourceview2 o
libart x
libglade x
panel-applet x (replaced wit hGNOME-Shell)
pango o
poppler o
rsvg2 o
vte o

Here is dropping steps:

  1. We create a path for deprecated packages in the
    repository. Its URL will be
    Ruby-GNOME 2 download | SourceForge.net

  2. We move each deprecated package to the above URL from
    trunk step by step.

    For example, in bonobo case, we move
    Ruby-GNOME 2 download | SourceForge.net
    Ruby-GNOME 2 download | SourceForge.net

Deprecated packages will not be released new version. (It
may be fixed a critical bug but will not be fixed other
bugs. Because we doesn’t have a maintainer for those

If there is no objections, we will do this proposal.

Any comments?



It is a good decision to concentrate on some packages.

2011/1/23 Kouhei S. [email protected]: