DRM receiver

Dear List!
Does anyone have any experience with using GNURADIO as DRM receiver? Or
using Dream as a library to gnuradio?
Any help will be nice (=

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Havard Austad

I tried DRM TX using gr-drm created by KIT about two years ago. And it
transmit the right DRM signal and demodulated by Dream software

Then I made a gnuradio flow to feed IQ samples into a fifo using wav
sink, then Dream opened this fifo and demodulate.

This method is pretty hacking, I think you can modify the source code of
Dream directly, add libuhd support to it, then it can run standalone
without gnuradio.

Maybe you can buy a commercial DRM receiver from amazon, which will make
debug process much more easy.

Havard [email protected]于2015年8月20日 周四20:04写道:

Hi Havard,

for transmission, gr-drm might be the way to go[1]. But since you asked
for reception: I wouldn’t know of integration of dream into GNU Radio so
far. However, if I’m not mistaken, dream can use both a sound card for
IF input as well as for baseband IQ input – and with a sufficient
amount of ALSA magic, you might build a GNU Radio -> Audio Sink ->ALSA
pipe -> Dream thing. Note that I think this should be possible, but
never had the nerve to configure ALSA correctly.
The other option would be using the file source, to read a wav file
which would effectively be FIFO to which GNU Radio writes. I’m not too
confident this will work out of the box, because WAV files have a
footer, and that will be problematic for streaming, but if Dream is
built with libsndfile, I guess you’ll be able to just use raw GNU Radio
file sink data, and specify that the data is stereo float32 raw PCM
without a header. Not having used Dream myself, I don’t know whether
that’s the optimal solution, or viable at all without modifications to

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[1] https://github.com/kit-cel/gr-drm

Hi ???,

Do you have a link to an amazon product page? I wasn’t able to find a
receiver searching for “digital radio mondiale” on amazon.de or

Best regards,

Thank you so much!

Hi Marcus,

The device is “morphy richards drm and dab 27204 radio”, and I just
out that amazon has already stopped selling this device.

Photo: http://att.newsmth.net/nForum/att/Radio/46380/2256/large

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