Driver for USRP1

I wonder if anyone can help. I use USRP1 mainly for RA with UBUNTU
9.04, what I would like is a program to create an image of the whole
hard drive on a DVD. Therefore, if the PC or hard drive fails I can run
the DVD on the same or different computer installing all associations
automatically to drive the USRP. Keeping UBUNTU at 9.04 forever and
all associations would not be a problem for me as long as everthing is
stored on DVDs. Anyone know of such a program?


Frank Rawlins


G4U (Ghost for Unix) is exactly what you need.

It is a BSD based boot disc.

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Thank you for your reply John. However, I think you might have thought
I meant copying data.

In a typical setup with a complete clean hardrive (nothing installed) I
would first install the operating system, in this case UBUNTU 9.04. I
then go the appropriate site to copy all the links and associated
programs for USRP to work this can take up to 1 hour usually with
problems. Once everything is running well I want to copy the total
image of this hard drive on to a DVD. The DVD can then be used to
install the operating system plus all associations on another clean
hardrive. Therefore, being completely independent of the internet to
install USRP on a new PC.

Hope this makes sense.


On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 3:27 PM, Frank Rawlins
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completely independent of the internet to install USRP on a new PC.

Try remastersys

I never used it, but it seems to do the job.