Dreamhost, Rails, and FCGI

Hey everyone. I’ve been watching the conversations about good hosts, and
I’m currently hosting with Dreamhost. I was hoping that one of the
railers who has had good luck with Dreamhost could give me some insight
into my current problem.

I’m having some intermittent fastcgi crashes. As far as I can tell,
it’s not related to my code because it doesn’t happen a lot, and
usually, if I just refresh, the application works fine.

If I do
killall -9 dispatch.fcgi

Then all my dispatchers are removed but a new one starts up. Then, when
I hit my app, up to 5 dispatchers are created. If I let my application
sit for a day or so, those dispatchers are still there, but when I hit
my app, it takes a LONG time to come up, and some more dispatchers are
created. At some point, at least one of the dispatchers dies, though
the production.log says the request completed successfully.

My question: Is this normal? How can I limit dispatchers if I can’t
access the httpd.conf (shared hosting)?

I’m getting a bit concerned and so I thought I would ask here before I
went to Dreamhost support. If anyone here can help, I would greatly
appreciate it, especially if you know what would cause the dispatchers
to just die.

Brian H.