Dreamhost, Rails 1.1 and fcgi

This might not be of interest to everyone, but to anyone on Dreamhost
(or other shared providers) it might ring bells.

Do you remember the issues with running fcgi and 500 errors? I had a
few fixes in place. I think I’d had a newer version of
‘fcgi_handler.rb’ sitting in /lib. In dispatch.fcgi I had set
“RailsFCGIHandler.process! nil, 10” so there were 10 requests between
GC and this worked quite well. I hardly saw any fcgi crashes or 500

Of course we’re now dealing with Rails 1.1 and I haven’t put any of
those changes back in. I’ve seen a few extended 500 errors and
crashes, but I wouldn’t point a finger at fcgi handling just yet.

I need to do some research to see what 1.1 has brought in with
regards to this. Anybody else looked at it? Seen any real
problems? Made custom changes?



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