Dreamhost or SilverRack VPS?

I’m on site5 and they don’t offer the rails support I’m looking for.
For small web apps would you recommend a VPS so I have more control or


I just have to say that hostingrails.com has a very good support team
and their VPS hosting prices are great!

$17 bucks for their low-end VPS solution and it works great from my
experience… .

If you want to get a little more “server” I use 1and1 for my dedicated
servers. (Support not so great but the offering you get with their $99/
month servers is very good. )

I use Slicehost. Must say I have I have no regrets. I highly recommend

~ mel

With no affiliation at all, I recommend MediaTemple’s virtual private
servers. I use them for my projects and they are great.