Dreamhost + backgroundrb?

Hey all,

I’ve decided that my rails app needs backgroundrb to handle some
background processing here and there… i have hosting with dreamhost
and i’m starting to realize that it may be a problem getting my app to
work properly on there when i add backgroundrb… anybody have any
experience with this? is there any shared hosting that can handle
it ?? thanks a bunch


If you can’t get it to work, I’ve successfully used cron and it’s
Rubyfied friends at DreamHost. You could do periodic processing that
way at least.

Haven’t tried BDRb there yet, but I can’t see why it would be a
terrible problem so long as you have a cron job or something like that
to make sure the processes are restarted when they’re inevitably
killed and your data stays sane (DH has a weird problem with killing
processes at random…sometimes I can’t even check Rails out from SVN
before it kills it other times I can run a process in excess of 5
minutes without a problem).


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