Draft vs. Published vs. Hidden

I have a question about the different status’ that pages can have. I
I) understand the purpose for Draft & Published but I’m not too sure
Hidden. Can I hide pages to test them? Is there some secret URL that I
use to get to them? I would like to be able to “test” a set of pages in
production to make sure they work properly or my environment can handle
load before I make them available to the public. I’m thinking that
something like Hidden would work well for that, unless it’s just
to Draft and you can’t get to it. Any thoughts?


There are really only two statuses (stati? statae?) that affect the
actual appearance of a page: Published and (anything else). When
searching for pages, only published pages will be shown, unless you are
on the “dev” site (subdomain). It will show any page that you know the
URL of, even if it has not been published.


With regards to page statuum…

Just to clarify what Sean said, you CAN access your drafts via
dev.yoursite.com. This sounds like what you were looking for. It’s
hidden that you can’t get to.

So I guess that makes three states (ha):

  1. Visible everywhere (published)
  2. Visible only on the development version of your site (drafts)
  3. Completely hidden (uh, hidden)

By the way, I’ve often used hidden kind of like a folder for
organizational purposes. I’ll create a ‘css’ page and make it hidden
then put all my css pages below it as: /css/myfile.css

One thing I’ve never considered until now is whether you could also use
hidden to escape from site navigation (so your site menu would auto
populate for /products, /contact, /about, but not /hidden/other/stuff).
Have to test that one first though…

Anyone other more obvious uses for hidden out there (that I obviously