Draft port of lucene highlighter to ferret

Hi All,

Hope all is going well.

After being knocked out with the flu for a week I’ve been able to make
some progress with porting the lucene highlighter to ferret.

I’ve got a draft version available for perusal at:


The port is pretty much a complete copy of the Java version at:


The highlighter_test.rb file includes a few of the test cases from the
original lucene test case. 3 of the 7 test cases in that file are
working which shows that basic simple and fuzzy highlighting is working
fine. The remaining 4 failing test cases are:

- Both of these have problems rewriting a wild card query into a
simplified boolean query

- emits a query parse exception

- emits a not implemented exception

If you run ‘rake’ you’ll see the wild card error first, the rest have
been commented out. If anyone would like to take a look into these
failing test cases that would be great.

Will keep debugging here and keep you all updated, but just wanted to
get the code out there in case anyone wants to join in.



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