Dr Nic's Magic Models 0.8 - Validate Anything, Anytime, Anyw

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In the first run of the sell-out Magic Models - “I can’t believe
its an ActiveRecord” - Super Show - you were amazed as we stripped
away the necessary essentials of an ActiveRecord - right in front of
your eyes - the necessary became unnecessary.

We removed the validates_presence_of validations… and the Magic Model
still validated.

We removed the has_many, belongs_to, and has_many :through
associations… and the Magic Model still associated.

We removed the actual class definition itself - the very thing that
provides the ActiveRecord CRUD layer… and the Magic Model still

In the new Magic Models, Virtual Validations get Virtuous!

g = Group.new
g.name = “x” * 51
=> “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

=> false

=> [“Name is too long (maximum is 50 characters)”]

All this and more in 0.8.0 of Dr Nic’s Magic Models

Its magic like this that makes programming fun :slight_smile: