DPSK block problem

I want to send an receive data with DPSK modulation
So I made a simple testing GRC graph

Originally, I separated TX part and RX part, TX part performs DBPSK mod
passes to USRP sink
and RX part USRP source gives a signal and performs DBPSK demod and plot

Currently I put them together into one grc graph, but the result are all
So you just can understand it’s no problem

The real problem is the received signal is not what I expected.
Here is the received signal waveform.
The bottom is the modulated signal, and the upper is the demodulated

BUT what I expected after demodulation is like below:
And this is same as the original source.
(Except the magnitude, after demodulation I want rectangular pulse with
magnitude 1)

Might be, It seems I don’t understand parameters of DPSK (de)mod blocks

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