Downloading the files from specific location



I have group of streams in public/data folder.
Here i want to download the any selected stream from datafolder.

I have tried to download using ‘send_data’ in my show method of
controller like below:

send_data(@stream.location,:filename =>,:disposition =>

i have hyperlink called show ,if i press the link it is opening the
file with stream as content.
ex:i have cmd.txt in data folder,once i press the link it open cmd.txt
as a file and in that file it will have filename itself.

here i want to download the actual file.

can any one suggest how to do download from any location and is is
possible to download with send_data?



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If I’ve understood your question correctly, the file is opening in the
browser and now presenting the save dialog
Try using :disposition => ‘attachment’

Andrew T.

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thanks for the reply
result is same i.e actual file is not having any data.


On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 7:46 PM, Andrew T.