DOS box popping up under rubyscript2exe


My email has been broken for a week and some of it seems to have gone
astray - so if there are other unanswered wxruby queries kicking about,
please repost or forward me them.

I have encountered this problem with a DOS box popping up under rubyw /
rubyscript2exe; I don’t think it’s related to wxruby. I found them
popping up when shelling out with backticks - I believe the way that
ruby executes external programs on Windows causes this if no command
shell is already present. This may be what’s happen with receiving a
message from an external program in your case.

I got round it by calling the external program via Win32API on Windows,
instead of ruby’s own system/backticks. There’s some code that
encapsulates this here:


Thanks, Alex. I did find a place where I was doing hostname and
rid of this fixed the problem.


You actually should be able to get the hostname, via Wx::get_host_name()
which will return the hostname of the machine that the application runs