Domain Backordering system

OK, new to ruby, and i know this can be done, i’m looking for tips on
how to create a backordering system for domains to the DAC (Domain
availability checker) of nominet.

I understand i would need to create a database where i would have to
input the domains into.
I understand that i would need to timing method so it would start to
release all these requests from X to X as nominet has a limit to the
amount of requests you can carry out.
I understand that i would need to make multiple whois checks on a
particular domain, and as soon as its status would say ‘available’ the
ruby system would rush over and register the domain at nominet. For this
also i would of had to input the details into the database where ruby
can then use these details such as address, name, phone etc for the
contact details when reging the domains.

Is there anything i have missed?
could someone point me in the right direction.

I know this game is all about speed and skills to aquire the best
domains, but i’m looking for something i could build which would work
which will be great! regardles of the speed. I can build on the speed of
the system when i get more familiar with ruby.

Forgot to mention that does this using ruby aparantly.