Dokkit 0.4.3 released

Hi Folks,

dokkit 0.4.3 has been released!

1 Changes from version 0.4.2

  • fixed haml dependency in gem package

2 What’s dokkit?

dokkit is a document generator written in ruby that is suitable for
static websites generation too.

dokkit uses formatters like deplate[1] and maruku[2] to generate
documents in a large variety of output formats.

dokkit’s features are:

  • a smart building system based on rake[3]
  • a templating system based on ERB[4]
  • a flexible configuration system based on YAML[5] that supports
    shared configuration files and ‘in header’ configuration
  • an extensible formatting system that uses deplate and maruku as
    built-in filters
  • convention over configuration: for example, you don’t need to give
    the layout name to use if a layout with the same name of the
    processed document is found in doc/layouts folder
  • support for nested layouts
  • support for partials
  • support for caching

With dokkit you can:

  • generate static websites
  • generate many types of documents in many formats (html, tex, plain
    text, etc.)
  • write your documents using a simple wiki syntax and get high
    quality latex output
  • generate different output formats from the same source document
  • use models to quickly generate the documents you want (static
    websites, reports, howtos, guides, presentations, etc.)
  • simply derive new documentation models from the existing ones
  • simply modify existing models to fit your needs

dokkit aims to be modular and extensible: you can add new formatters and
helpers and easily extend document functionalities.

See dokkit website[6] for further information, documentation and

Please, visit the google group[7] and feel free to send feedback and

3 Download/Installation

From rubygems:

sudo gem install dokkit

To grab the development version:

svn co

4 Usage

dokkit simple
cd simple/