Dokkit 0.3.0 released

Hi Folks,

version 0.3.0 of dokkit has been released!

1 Changes from version 0.2.0

  • the core has been completely re-written to make it independent
    from rote

2 What’s dokkit?

dokkit is an open source document generator written in ruby. Inspired
by rote[1], dokkit uses formatters like deplate[2] and maruku[3] to
generate documents in a large variety of formats (html, tex, plain
text, etc).

See the website[4] for further (but not yet updated) informations and

3 Installation

From rubygems:

$ sudo gem install dokkit

From subversion repository:

$ svn co

4 Usage

$ dokkit create simpledocument
$ cd simpledocument/
$ dokkit # or rake

Then run

$ dokkit --tasks

to see what else you can do.


Generated with dokkit on Mon Mar 31 19:09:57 2008.

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