Hi I’m a newbie in rails, and I was trying to embed dojo-toolkit into
I keep getting the same readme file on every search i did.
Followed the instructions completely and I still end up with this error:

“No plugin called ‘dojo_toolbocks’ - please use the full name of a
loaded plugin.”

this is my code:

Dojo Toolbocks: Slideshow Demo <%= javascript_include_tag 'dojo', :plugin => 'dojo_toolbocks' %> <% dojo_require ({:script_tag => true}, "dojo.widget.*", "dojo.lang.*");%> <%= dojo_config(:debug => true) %> "dojo_toolbocks") }.join(';') %>" transitionInterval="700" delay="7000" src="<%= image_path('demos/widget/slideshow/1.jpg', :plugin => 'dojo_toolbocks') %>" imgWidth="400" imgHeight="300" />