Doing CPR on "How to write a block"

Hi everyone,

I just rejuvenated the good old “how to write a block” (see the wiki).
That document has been a key component of the documentation for quite a
while now, but it was horribly outdated.

Now, together with this tutorial[0] and the block coding guide[1] (not
to mention the GRC docs, Doxgyen & Sphinx and other goodies) I believe
the developer’s documentation is actually in a really good shape.

Just wanted to say… good documentation makes me happy :slight_smile:



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You have my gratitude. Every person I met that has used GNU Radio share
common complaint, the lack of documentation. The improvements to the
over the last month of been a step in the right direction in my honest

-Jon Fox

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 11:43 AM, Martin B. (CEL)