Does wxRuby include Gizmos controls?


I’m starting to use wxRuby for personal projects.

Originally, I used wxPython in my company because they don’t want to
install the Ruby environment just for me… But at home, I still
prefer the Ruby language…

So, wxWidgets is a great library, but wxPythons add some intersting
I’m specially interested by the TreeListCtrl. it seems that this
control belongs to Gizmos C++ library.

I’m wondering if the Gizmos library is included in wxRuby or do you
plan to include it soon?


Hello Bruno,

I’ve looked at the Gizmos library, which was moved out of the core of
wxWidgets before version 2.8. And as far as I can see, the only
ports for Gizmos library is wxMSW, according to wxCode’s page for it.

Unfortunately, we do not include support for Gizmos, as we try to keep
wxRuby cross-platform capable. If Gizmos is truely cross-platform, then
may be possible to build a wrapper around Gizmos, and have it work with
wxRuby. I do not know, as we have not officially tried to create
for other external libraries for wxWidgets, to work with wxRuby.

We would like to see something like this done, in particular with
as a possible replacement for the wxWidgets wxHtmlCtrl class, but we
had a chance to be able to do any work with it, at least I haven’t. I
Alex may have, but he would be the one to answer that.



On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 4:07 PM, bruno le hyaric

hi bruno

bruno le hyaric wrote:

I’m wondering if the Gizmos library is included in wxRuby or do you
plan to include it soon?

like Mario says, it’s not included at the moment. adding additional
classes isn’t uaully very hard using SWIG and the existing wxRuby glue
code. But we’ve tended to be pretty conservative in adding more build
dependencies to the core library for wxRuby 2.0, which compiles
everything into a single binary. wxRuby 3.0 is planned to be more
modular, so other developers could add on wxRuby wrappers around extra
C++ classes like Gizmos and the things on wxCode. But wxRuby 3.0 isn’t
being actively worked on just at the moment.



Thanks both of you, Alex and Mario.
I will use the standard TreeCtrl from wxRuby for the moment.


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