Does USRP ADC have internal noise (out-of-band) dither?

Dear Group,

I need to clarify a very basic feature of the USRP ADC. The question is:
Does the ADC have internal noise dither when sampling? I looked at the
ADS62P45 data sheet but did not find explicit mention of the noise
On the other hand, if you read those app notes from Analog Device Walt
Kester, the noise dither is such a prominent feature that it is almost
essential to have it in the A-to-D process. From the spectrum I gathered
far, I cannot tell. I would think TI should be good on this basic point.
Could someone clarify?

Many Thanks,

LD Zhang

The ADS62P4x does not have internal dither. In many RF systems there
is enough gain that natural noise is strong enough to give enough