Does this configuration have impact in performance?


I have two small bits in my configuration that I’m worried about.
One it to redirect users based in their country to a specific page.
The other is to choose the upstream based in a cookie.

'm am worried about performance and would like to know if this small
bits are evil to my site.


Map Member ID Cookie

map $cookie_memberid $prxy {
default upstream-1;
~^[1-9]\d*$ upstream-2;

/ Map Member ID Cookie

Map Country Code

map “$geoip_country_code.$arg_section” $registo {
default 0;
AAA.register 1;
BBB.register 1;

map “$geoip_country_code.$arg_serviceClick” $registo {
default 0;
AAA.facebook 1;
BBB.facebook 1;

/ Map Country Code

server {

    # Main location
    location / {

        # GeoIP
        if ($registo) {
            return 301 /pages/registo;

        proxy_pass  http://$prxy;



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