Does the option :host work in link_to?


I used the following code line in a View file on machine
<%= link_to “GoToAnotherHost”, { :protocol => “http”, :host =>”, :controller => “admin”, :action => “list” }
However the result is: the link “GoToAnotherHost” is always pointed to rather than
I.e., the :host doesn’t take effect at all!
What’s wrong with this? Do you meet the same problem?

Many Thanks!

use :only_path and the procotol like “http://” (see below) not what
one would expect, but its mentioned in the manual.

<%= link_to "GoToAnotherHost",
  :only_path => false,
  :protocol => "http://",
  :host => "",
  :controller => "admin",
  :action => "list"

You should be able to link_to a string rather than a hash. Since
routes vary from site to site the hash would be risky in any event.