Does one use mocks in stories?

My site is an external Facebook app. I need users to come to the start
page and
if they are not already logged into their Facebook account (and have the
installed) see a button to take them to the Facebook login/install page.

Using RFacebook, login is normally achieved with a before_filter. The
user is
sent to the Facebook login/install page and then the app redirects them
back to
one of my pages.

In a story, am I supposed to mock out that filter method to set the
variables and do the redirection or what? I haven’t seen any examples
that use
mocks in stories. Also am I right in thinking that if I am to mock this
then I
will need to use something like Mocha?

My initial draft looks like this:

Story ‘An unlogged in user’, %{
As an unlogged in user
I want to log in to my Facebook account and start using MyApp
}, :type => RailsStory do

Scenario ‘starts at /’ do
When ‘arrive at /’ do
get ‘/’

 Then 'the user should see the MyApp home page' do
   response.should render_template('/sessions/index')

 When 'the user clicks the log in/install button' do
   post '/'

 Then 'the user should be redirected to the Facebook login/MyApp 

page and on success back to their personal MyApp home page’ do
### What might go here???

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