Does anyone know where I could find a good explanation of how rails works internally?

I was wondering if anyone knew of some resources I could look at to
learn about how rails works internally. I’ve been looking through the
code but I was wondering if there were any high level explanations of
how it works overall.

Thanks in advance,

Read “Ruby for Rails” by our good friend David Black.
After reading tons of other books (like 2500 pages) and doing the
AWDWR example 3 or 4 time and still not “getting it”, I read David’s
book and the waters calmed.
It explains a heck of a lot about what is really happening behind the
magic of Rails. I can’t say enough good things about this book.
Also you really need to learn ruby without rails. I like “Everyday
scripting with ruby”, but it is rather centered on testers and not
necessarily rails testing.

Good luck

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The Rails Way is pretty technical, that’s what I’d recommend.


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I also hear “The Rails Way” is good. It is next on my list. It is for
Rails 2.0