Does anybody know how to setup JRuby on Rails with Drip (


I run into the following launcher for the Java Virtual Machine that
provides much faster startup times than the java command: Drip (

I wonder if somebody knows how to setup JRuby on Rails with Drip

  • basically I would like that script/runner has faster startup time.
    is to make our tests running faster.


Did you check ? I couldn’t
get JAVACMD to work quite right, though.

Kristy -

Does Nailgun not work for you? It comes with JRuby and may be a better
fit for your needs.

I wrote a blog article explaining how to set up an environment to easily
use it, at

From what I read about drip, it will start a whole new JVM for each
command (but does before you need it so it’s ready for you). This may be
overkill, and I wonder how well it would perform if you had many
short-running scripts.

My article shows how you can easily set up aliases such as nrspec, ngem,
nruby, etc., to much more quickly run JRuby.

If necessary, you can always restart the Nailgun server. I wouldn’t
recommend it for anything mission-critical, but for tests, developer
scripts, etc., it works well.

  • Keith

Keith R. Bennett

I was unable to make it working.
I workaround problem with by installing the latest drip and building it.

However, my drip just hangs. The very first starts and that is all:

t$ drip ps
t$ time jruby -e ‘puts 9 * 9’

real 0m0.703s
user 0m0.908s
sys 0m0.056s

t$ time jruby -e ‘puts 9 * 9’

just hangs