Documenting Ruby Suggestions


Hi Y’all

I’ve been working on documenting visualruby, and I’d like to get some of
feedback of how to document it.

I found a great documenting tool called “yard” that is a great
replacement for rdocs, but it still outputs basically an api looking
document that wouldn’t make a great website.

Right now, I’m considering modifying the css to make it more readable,
but I’d really like to find a solution where it generates an actual

Any suggestions?



I’m making progress on this. In fact I think I’m happy with it:


I’ve been working on getting the documentation working. The “yard” gem
is really valuable. I hacked the code slightly, and changed some css,
and the website is very functional. In fact, I’m considering writing a
GUI for yard.

I documented the “Download” page, so everyone can download it, and the
“Signals Tutorial” because its sital to using visualruby. More to