Documentation for out-of-tree module

Hi all,

I’m working on an out-of-tree module and I want to make the
which can be shown in the windows when people double click the blocks.

I guess the documentations are written in the header files in
/gr-xx/include/xx. So I tried to modify the header files of blocks which
already exist in gnuradio, for example, the channel_model block in
gr-channel. The documentation was updated after reinstallation. It
my guess. But when I modify the header file of my own block
in /gr-xx/include/xx, the documentation wasn’t updated after
reinstallation. The documentations are still something like:

make(xx, xx) -> sptr
Return a shared_ptr to a new instance of xx::xx.
To avoid accidental use of raw pointers, xx::xx constructor is in a
implementation class. xx::xx::make is the public interface for creating
Params: (xx, xx)

I searched some previous questions related to documentation on
discussion-gnuradio, someone said documentations should be done by
for C++ blocks and by sphinx for python blocks. But I found these are
related to these html documentations(maybe I’m wrong).

Did I miss something or do something wrong? Could anyone give me any
suggestions to solve the problem?


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