Document update


I’ve been working on ruby-gnome2-doc module:

update-rd.rb in the module is a script that is a improved
version of existing mkrd.rb:

  • merge support
  • add ‘((FIXME))’ mark to default description

You can update existing documents on the project Wiki on
your local environment.

% svn co
% cd ruby-gnome2-doc
% vim en/text/Gtk%3A%3AWindow
% svn ci

Synchronization between ruby-gnome2-doc module and the
project Wiki will be done by my hands. (*) So time-lag is
caused. Sorry.

I uploaded auto-generated documents to the project
Wiki. Many methods, constants and so on are increased but
((FIXME)) are also increased. Please help us. If you don’t
have Subversion account, you can update documents from the
project Wiki.

(*): I’m using git-svn to synchronize them. Now the project
Wiki uses git as its repository backend.



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