Doc/lit ws consumption

I am new to ruby and rails. I am having trouble consuming a java web
service with the soap/wsdlDriver library.

My java web service, FooService, has one method, search(String).

I am sending the data from a form to this method in my controller:

def search
searchTerm = params[:searchTerm]
factory =“http://localhost:8080/services/FooService?wsdl”)
soap = factory.create_rpc_driver
render_text "I searched for this: " + searchTerm

It does render the text correctly. Yet in my java ws I am printing the
input text to the console. Every invocation does execute my service,
but they produce a blank print out. My ws is doc-lit (wrapped). Is
this an issue for ror? I have seen resources on how to create and
consume ws with ror, as well as how to consume a .net ws. My test, as
the above indicates, is very simple. However, this is proving to be
more complicated than necessary.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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